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Reasons why a Miraco Waterer Valve is Leaking

Automatic waterer valves for Miraco, Mirafount, lilspring, bigspring, e-fount automatic waterers

Miraco automatic waterers allow you to provide fresh, clean water to your animals on demand. With anything used around animals, outside 24 hours a day in extreme weather, things will become worn or not function as they should.

Most repairs are simple and generally involve the valve, the heart of the automatic waterer. So if you notice that the valve is leaking, it's best to understand the why to fix the problem successfully.

Below are six reasons why your Miraco Valve may be leaking.

  1. The valve is old. As with anything, age can affect how well something functions. Over time the moving components of the 521 Valve may become worn, filled with deposits, or weak. At this time, the valve will need to be replaced.

  2. New installation - With a new installation of any automatic waterer, it's essential to ensure the water lines are thoroughly flushed to remove any construction debris, dust, dirt, and rocks. If the lines are not flushed, debris can become lodged in the valve causing it to stay open.

  3. High water pressure - The High-Pressure Miraco Valves have a 40-80 PSI rating. If you are on city or county water, your water pressure at the unit may be higher than what the valve is rated for. To establish an average pressure, you measure the pressure at the waterer, not the source. If your water pressure hovers around 80 PSI or higher, install a pressure regulator on the line at the unit.

  4. The rubber valve seat is worn - A plunger and rubber valve seat is located inside the valve. Over time, debris, deposits, and use can damage the valve seat, preventing the valve from sealing. The valve seat and plunger can be replaced in the valve to create a new seal.

  5. Valve is damaged - If, for some reason, the valve becomes damaged from cases of freezing, misuse, or accident, the valve will need to be replaced. Sometimes, the valve may have a hairline crack that is difficult to see. If all else fails to stop the leak, replace the valve.

  6. The float is waterlogged - Depending on the age of your Miraco waterer; you will have a round or square float. Check to see if your float may have a pinhole opening that has allowed the float to become waterlogged and heavy, preventing enough buoyancy to shut your valve off. Replace the float and or the float and hardware.

PeteCo Supply carries Miraco waterer valves, float, adapters, and other Miraco parts that will fit waterers, new and old. Visit our website to find the needed parts; as always, let us know if you have questions we can help answer.


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