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Champion Tow Ropes

Champion Tow Ropes are made tough and specifically designed as a towing device where an additional chain is not needed. Keep one in the truck and one in the tractor!

Get Champion Tow Ropes to do the work!

Champion Tow Ropes are SAFE! The farm ropes are designed to stretch from 12 to 15 percent. This is enough to absorb the normal shock of pulling and towing, while greatly reducing dangerous recoil.

The ropes are easy to handle and lightweight. They will not absorb water and remain flexible in cold weather.

Available in four different styles:

  • Loop/Loop - consists of a loop being braided back into each end of the rope
  • Loop/Sling - ropes have a regular loop one one end and an oversized Loop (Sling) on the other end that is large enough to feed the rope back through. This Loop/Sling combination greatly increases hook-up options.
  • Loop/Ring - ropes have a Loop on one end and a Heavy-Duty Oval Master Ring on the other end.
  • Ring/Ring consists of a Heavy-Duty Oval Master Ring installed in each end of the rope which helps extend the life of the rope and increase ease of hook-up.

Heavy Duty Screw Pin Clevis Shackles are also available. All Loops and Slings are protected with the Cordura Sleeve.


If excessive "Dragging" of the tow rope is expected, you can order a Champion Tow Rope with Cordura Sleeve installed on the entire length of the tow rope.


Champion Tow Ropes are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply if tow rope was not used according to the recommendations stated on each tag of each tow rope. If upon inspection by manufacturer the tow rope is determined to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced. The warranty supersedes any other warranty, expressed or implied. The limit of liability of the manufacturers shall be the purchase price only, and does not apply to any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from use of this product. The buyer and all users are deemed to have accepted the terms of this warranty, which may not be varied by any verbal or written agreement.


If under normal use the ends unbraid please ship the rope to the factory and the repair will be done at no charge. Contact the factory at 800-584-6675 prior to doing so.

*If the ends have been cut or torn apart due to excessive dragging or misuse by the operator of the tow rope this repair will be done at the expense of the operator.

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