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Jug Waterers


How animals drink from the JUG

It all starts with the “Draw Tube” which is a unique design for supplying the animal with water. It is much like a giant straw so the animal can use its normal method of drinking. The animal places its mouth in the open pool of water over the opening in the drinking bowl and sucks up the water just as it would drink from a natural water hole.


JUG water is clean. No more smelly water from heavy bacterial growth. The Draw Tubes are attached to the drinking bowl with a Feed Trap which keeps feed debris from the animal’s mouth out of the reservoir. As an animal drinks from the JUG a suction/swirling action is created in the Feed Trap area, thus most of the feed from the face of the animal is sucked up as the animal drinks. Also, anytime an animal drinks, the water is “turned over” as fresh, clean water enters the drinking bowl. With JUG Livestock Waterers you will not have the usual slime problem to deal with. No algae will grow in the JUG since it is a light-tight waterer. The bowl is sealed with Weather Seal.


  1. Clean, Clean, Clean
  2. Unique Draw Tube Design
  3. One, Two or Four Bowl Models
  4. Feed Trap to Keep Water Clean
  5. No Lids, Flaps, Balls or Disks
  6. Open Bowl Design
  7. External Drain Plug
  8. Inspection Cover For Easy Access
  9. Durable Rotomolded Plastic
  10. External Float Valve Adjustment

warranty-logoJUG Waterers 15 Year Limited Warranty

Bakko Industries, Inc. warranties it’s JUG Waterers to be free from manufacturer defects for:

15 Years Bases and Lids

*100% the first 5 years then declining 10% per year for the remaining 10 years
2 Years unlimited warranty on all Electrical Components and Float Valves to be free from manufacturer defects

This warranty does not apply if the waterer was not used according to the recommendations stated in the owner/operator manual that is provided with each waterer. All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer. If upon inspection by manufacturer, the part is determined to be defective, it will be repaired, or replaced. This warranty supersedes any other warranty, expressed, or implied. The limit of liability to the manufacturer shall be the purchase price only, and does not apply to any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from the use of this product. The buyer and all users are deemed to have accepted the terms of this warranty, which may not be varied by any verbal or written agreement.With the JUG, animals can see and smell clean, fresh water. They do not have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way to get a drink. An internal, pilot-operated float valve which is adjustable from the outside of the JUG, automatically keeps the water at the determined level.

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JUG Single Hole Model 101
JUG Single Hole Model 101
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JUG Four Hole Automatic Waterer #10404
JUG Four Hole Automatic Waterer #10404
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