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JUG Two-Hole Model 202 Heated 10222

65 Watts of Thermostatically Controlled Heat
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Product Details
Brand: Jug Waterers
Part Number: 10222
Length:: 41 Inches
Width:: 20 Inches
Overall Height:: 22.5 Inches
Order From: Bakko Industries
Heat:: 65 Watts / 120 Volts
Capacity:: 7 Gallons
Herd Capacity:: 50 Dairy / 100 Beef / 150 Sheep
SHIPPING: $70 Flat Rate Shipping

The JUG two hole automatic waterer is ideal to water horses, goats, beef and dairy cattle. The JUG waterers act like a thermos with their super insulated polyethylene casing and is reliable in both cold and warm climates. (For severe climates, use the additional heat option).

The JUG waterer uses thermal energy to keep a warmer drinking environment which will allow for energy-free or energy efficient automatic watering. For Energy Free Models in marginal climates, you need enough animals drinking to keep water in the tank warm enough to provide heat energy (At least 15 head per drinking bowl.) Otherwise a small 65-watt heater may be added to make the JUG Energy Efficient. In either case it is primarily thermal energy, not electrical energy keeping the water fresh and at a constant temperature, summer and winter. The average electrical cost for a JUG Livestock Waterer is $10.00 for the Entire Season.

For added protection to your waterline add the Earth Tubes.


  • External Adjustment Screw will lower or raise the amount of water exposed to the weather.
  • Inspection Cover - The JUG has an inspection cover that can easily be removed for inspection and service of the float valve
  • External Drain Plug - The external drain plug allow easy draining of the water from the JUG tank. The JUG's design keeps the water free from feed or hay, but most water has iron bacteria which will leave a residue in the tank over time. It is recommended to drain and clean the tank periodically.

Download the Installation Instructions.

Download JUG Mounting Pad Information

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