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JUG Stall Waterers

The JUG’s unique design allows horses to see and smell clean water. They won't have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way; they drink naturally. An external adjusting screw is used to set the water level in the drinking bowl. Easy for you and your animals.

The JUG is the first waterer to be three-sided. This 90-degree corner mounting design gives a snug fit into the stall and leaves only a smooth, rounded surface exposed to the pen, keeping animals safer.

For mounting onto a Flat Wall the Flat Back 303 JUG is perfect.

Either model works well for existing barns or new installations. The water line is typically run underground and up through the 303 Riser Tube. Custom mounting options (usually overhead) for special situations are also available. In years of field testing, the JUG continuously supplied clean water. Like all models of the JUG, the 303 has a unique, patented Draw Tube/Feed Trap design, which keeps debris from falling into the reservoir. This means clean water without continual maintenance. For seasonal maintenance, an external drain plug makes cleaning simple.