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ATV/Front Bucket Weed Wiper Models

Benefits of ATV/Front Bucket Models


This model was originally designed as a great alternative to spot spraying in your hay and pasture ground. Save on labor and on chemical costs by using our ATV/Front Bucket weed wiper unit. This product will come with the plumbing and frame needed to mount to your front bucket or ATV application. We sell the kits without the sprayer and pump because you probably already have a tank and pump to power your unit! However, sprayer and pumps are available for purchase below.


The Smucker standard ATV/Front bucket units can be adjusted by hand to the users preferred height. However, the user can purchase our power lift package to adjust the height on the go! Some applications require the user to adjust on the go, and at the end of the day this is another time saving tool for your weed wiper application.


The ATV/Front bucket kits have been designed to be easily attached to your ATV/Front bucket unit. Since weed wiping is a seasonal application, you will want to take the weed wiper off after use. The ATV/Front bucket units have been designed for easy travel, use, and storage!


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