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Smucker 15 Foot ATV/Front Weed Wiper and Power Lift Kit

Complete Kit with Powerlift
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Smucker Manufacturing
Part Number: WWTCATV15 and WWPWRL

The most versatile package as this can be used on an ATV, UTV a tractor with a front end loader and even a tractor without a loader by simply putting a 2" receiver hitch on the front.

Package includes both the 15 ft, pump fed ATV/Front bucket weed wiper and power kit.


If you're tired of adjusting the ATV Weed Wiper by hand, use the power lift actuator to adjust your height on the go! The power lift attachment will attach directly into your ATV hitch and is compatible with any of the ATV and Front Bucket Wed Wipers.

Included in the kit is a 12V heavy duty actuator that lifts 500 LBS. This heavy frame easily slides into a standard 2" hitch.


The Smucker 15 ft. pump fed ATV/Front bucket weed wiper mount will include 5 foot wings that can fold in for storage or road position. Easily connect your ATV/Front bucket with ease using our easy to use mount. The package includes everything needed to attach to an ATV, UTV or Front Bucket (sprayer not included). The 5 foot center section and two 5 foot wings wipe out taller growing weeds with no drift.


  • Clearance range of 2" to ATV Height
  • Ideal for pastures, hay fields, and CRP
  • Great for weed patches
  • No drift
  • easy to mount to your ATV or UTV
  • ATV Metal Boom and Top Crop Sponge Kit included.

NOTE: Sprayer not included. If you do not have an existing 3 GPM pump, see the 14 gallon spot sprayer.

The Super Sponge® has proven to be a quick and efficient way to wipe out weeds in your crops in many independent studies and we are confident you will be pleased with the results. The Super Sponge is a lightweight, durable, herbicide applicator. Our sponges are designed to apply the maximum amount of product to the target weeds without any drift. The sponge applicators are made of industrial-strength, crusted sponge that stay saturated with chemical to wipe directly onto weeds.

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