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The Ritchie EcoFount automatic waterers are the most economical, heat standard waterer in the Ritchie line-up of waterers.

The EcoFount series is available in two models. The single hole, EcoFount 1 and the two hole, EcoFount 2. Both units come with overall heat coverage and a fully insulated casing to keep them energy efficient even during the coldest winters.

Some of the features you will find with the Ritchie Ecofount series units are:

  • They are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The stainless steel trough is surrounded by highly durable and fully insulated poly.

  • A patented plastic drink well helps insulate water and keep the thermal cap in place.

  • Flip-top cover for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Floating thermal caps minimize heat loss in winter, keep water cool and reduce algae growth in summer.

  • 10-year warranty

The EcoFounts feature a flip-top cover design that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. The fully insulated casing will provide excellent protection against the coldest winters.

Due to the design, the automatic waterers stay cleaner, attract less algae, and accumulate less debris than their open trough counterparts. However, they still need to be cleaned on occasion.

The solid surface of the stainless steel trough and the easy-to-remove drain plug makes cleaning a breeze. The steps to clean the units include:

  • Remove the wingnut and lift the lid

  • Remove the drain plug and as the trough drains, wipe the trough clean and remove debris.

  • Hold the float up to stop the water flow as the waterer drains.

  • Finish wiping the trough and allow the valve to open to rinse the trough.

  • Once clean, replace the drain plug and allow the waterer to fill.

  • Place the lid down and secure it with the wingnut.

See our helpful video for a visual tutorial!

As always, we're here to help. Contact the PeteCo Supply team with questions!


The Ritchie heated EcoFounts are available for sale in our store The units can be shipped directly to you throughout the United States through UPS.


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