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How to tell the difference between Franklin automatic waterer valves.

Franklin automatic waterers have been on the market for years. Throughout their life, the ownership has changed, units have been discontinued, and new models have been manufactured.

Throughout this transition, most functional parts, such as the valve, float, heaters, and drain plugs, are still available. The Franklin Valves are available in two "sizes". The 1/2" valve and the 3/4" valve.

Telling the two apart isn't easy when looking at the two valves as they are identical in appearance. The difference is evident inside, which we will get into below.

The 1/2" valve is typically used in the smaller Franklin waterers, whereas the 3/4" valve is used in the larger units. Understanding what size waterer you have is a good way to identify the valve, although not always accurate. The 3/4" valve creates more flow to keep up with the larger capacity unit.

The best way to identify the valve you're using is to take a look at the oriface on the inside.

The 1/2" valve will feature an oriface about the size of a pencil tip. The 3/4" valve will have an oriface about the size of a pencil eraser.

We show the difference between the two valves in our latest video. You will see that the bodies, thread size, and casing are identical. The video clearly shows the difference between the oriface size and how to identify your Franklin valve.

For more information on any Franklin automatic waterer part or waterer, contact our team or visit or more information on the products that are currently available.

PeteCo Supply is a small, family-owned shop and automatic watering is our specialty. We are happy to help you find the automatic waterer and parts you need to keep our animals happy and healthy.


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