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Trojan BB09 - The Versatile Automatic waterer

Would you look at that face of our furry spokesmodel? Meet Dixie!

Dixie is demonstrating how she uses the Trojan Specialty Products BB09, automatic waterer. Her human said that they had left it outside with no upkeep and the waterer works perfectly to supply Dixie with plenty of fresh, clean water when she's outside.

The BB09 is quite versatile! Besides being used on the ground with a stainless steel cradle, the BB09 can be mounted on a stall wall for horses or other animals to drink.

It cannot be heated, so it's ideal to use for a mobile application, summer use, or for warm weather climates. It's easy to install and use!

Other features include:

  • Efficient way to water your horse, cattle, dogs or small animal

  • Float and valve controlled water flow. Automatically refills with fresh water as your animal drinks.

  • Float and valve assembly is fully protected by the stainless steel front guard

  • Water level in the drinking bowl can be adjusted to various heights.

  • Comes with 5-foot hose to attach to your outside spigot or yard hydrant

  • Heavy duty with large trough

  • Durable, Cleans quickly

Learn more about this waterer and other automatic waterer by visiting our store!

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