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Stock Tank Heaters

One of the most common questions that are being asked this time of year is how to keep a stock tank from freezing. We see a variety of tips and tricks that have worked to prevent chopping ice. Anything from homemade solutions to a variety of heaters.

We want to help you avoid the headache of chopping ice this winter. While there is a large variety of heaters on the market, we carry a few options you may find helpful.


stock tank heater

The API immersion heater is designed to be used in buckets, plastic automatic waterers and stock tanks. The heater simply plugs in and can be inserted into the watering container. Created from compact yet durable aluminum, the large surface area creates cooler operation.

The C-250 is similar to the API 250 heater and includes a built-in thermostat and is teflon coated for long life. Widely used in buckets, stock tanks and plastic automatic waterers. The C-250 can easily be dropped into you water container and plugged in for added protection during the winter.

The Trojan AG-82 Universal Automatic Gas heater can be placed under an elevated stock tank and can run on LP or natural gas. Featuring an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature for whatever condition.

The Trojan 66B is the most widely used gas stock tank heater on the market. Thermostatically controlled and designed to use LP or Natural gas and provides a reliable source of heat in the most severe conditions. The 66B can be used in most steel, wood, poly or concrete tanks and will provide 12,400 BTU every hour if needed.

No matter what system is right for your set-up or budget, each one of these options will reduce the amount of time you spend keeping your animal's water supply available this winter. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to email us at

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