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Trojan Watering Nipples for Calves, Sheep and Goats

If you have been raised pigs or have had to deal with watering swine, you most likely have come across watering nipples of some sort. They can be found at stock shows, in pens, in trailers and more. Keeping animals hydrated is important to the health of the pigs and Trojan Specialty products has a proven record of reliably delivering that water.

But did you know that Trojan watering nipples aren't just for swine? Their new line of nipples can be used for calves, sheep and goats. Designed using a high quality rubber covering a use-activated stainless steel nipple, the new design is ideal for trailers, pens, the connector kits can be used in buckets and barrels and the pressure nipples can be applied to a more permanent setting. The easy guide below will help to determine what device will work best for your operation.




TIP: Pressure nipples work best with water pressures of 40 PSI and under.

To learn more about the new Trojan rubber nipples and other watering options, visit our online store.

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