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Trojan 66B Stock Tank Heater - Tip

If you rely on a stock tank to keep your animals hydrated, you can appreciate how much work it will take to keep it open especially in the winter.

If you are fortunate enough to be close electricity, you most likely are using high wattage heaters that either float or are immersed in the tank. But what happens if your water source is in the middle of the field or you do not have electricity available?

Trojan Specialty products manufactures this Stock Tank heater that runs of LP or Natural gas and could be your solution to not having to chop ice. The 66B will mount to any stock tank, plastic, wood, metal and set on a medium temperature setting can average about 30 days on a 100LB tank. The units have also been known to be mounted to a post or secure device to keep an area between 3-5 feet open in a pond.

But here is the tip that will help keep the unit functioning. The Trojan 66B, as you can imagine, will create heat. That is its job afterall. In a cold environment, this will create condensation that will accumulate at the top of the unit. Installing the 66B so that it is tilting slightly forward will allow this condensation to drip off of the unit instead of inside which could interfere with the pilot light. Something as simple as a slight tilt will help keep a reliable source of heat all winter long.

To learn more about the Trojan 66B Stock Tank Heater, visit our online store.

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