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Mother Nature, you're not fooling us

As I am sitting here writing this, it's a balmy 67 degrees outside...on December Iowa. Not your typical winter weather by any means. We are fully aware that any moment, Mother Nature's favorable temperatures could turn on us at any moment. We know the cold, ice, and wind are coming...are you ready?

For most of the country, extra heat protection is needed to keep things running. From heat in your well house to heat protection in your automatic waterer, without it, you could have a nightmare of frozen pipes and other inconveniences.

While the weather's still warm, we recommend stocking up on heating essentials. We carry a complete line of heaters, including LP Stock Tank heaters, in our store. All of them can be found here.

And if for some reason you have to brave Mother Nature's winter fury, we have heated jackets and sweatshirts from Milwaukee that will keep you warm. You can find those here.

Mother Nature, you are not fooling us. We see that snow in the forecast for Friday.


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