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Medicate Your Pigs with the Trojan Pen Waterer

The Trojan 2.5 Gallon Pen waterer has been used for years to provide a water supply in pens, trailers and during shows. But did you know of it's other uses?

Dennis Dean Garrett shared on his Facebook page one of the most useful other uses, providing medication. Dennis shared "This week for my pen waterers made by Trojan. Quickly and easily give meds to your showpigs. Simply cut off normal water sources, zip tie pen waterers to fence add water and meds!" He continued "Easier than injections!"

Each Pen Waterer is easy to install, are portable and once medicating is complete, can continue to be used in a variety of ways and places.

TIP: Once medication is administered, rinse the waterer and valve thoroughly to remove any residue for proper function.

To learn more, visit our online store.

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