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Selecting the right Ritchie 1/2" Valve for your water pressure

Ritchie automatic waterers have a reputation for maintaining a history of interchangeable parts. Interchangeable between a variety of units and age of units. For instance, if your waterer is 30-years old, chances are, you will be able to find the majority of functioning replacement parts as the design is still being used in newly manufactured waterers.

The Ritchie valves are the heart of the unit. They provide the constant supply of water and desired water level in the trough. Like many of the Ritchie parts, today's valves can be used in a variety of models and older units as well. Ritchie waterers are used all over the world which means that they need to accommodate a variety of water pressures, from low to high.

Ritchie 1/2 valve series

The smaller Ritchie waterers use the 1/2" Valve series where the Red or medium pressure valve is the most widely used. All valve feature stainless steel hardware and a 1-year manufacturers warranty

The white valve is considered the low pressure valve and is ideal for low pressure or even gravity flow situations.

The red valve is the most widely used 1/2" valve. It accommodates water pressures from 40-60 psi and can often be found in the most popular, smaller Ritchie automatic waterers.

Do you have high pressure? A green valve may be needed. While the green valve is typically put into the Stall Fount series, they can also be used in all waterers that have the 1/2" valve if your water pressure exceeds 60 PSI.

TIP: A common question is whether or not the valves can handle a water pressure other than what they are rated for. The answer - yes and no. Ritchie valves can function with a water pressure lower than what they are rated but not higher. If your water pressure exceeds or hovers around the top rating, it's best to switch to the higher pressure valve and in extreme cases, place a pressure regulator in the line.

For more information about the Ritchie 1/2" valve series and other replacement parts, visit our Ritchie parts page.

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