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Proper height for the Trojan Pen Waterer

While attending the World Pork Expo 2018, I took a moment to note questions, concerns and general comments that I believe would be useful to others at a later time. One of the noted concerns was centered around the Trojan 2.5 Gallon Pen Waterer and it's proper installed height. The customer was concerned that the nipple would scratch her show pigs.

The Trojan 2.5 Gallon waterer is a terrific solution to watering during shows, events, in sick pens or when transporting your pigs in the trailer. The waterer is very easy to install with zip-ties and requires very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning and should you ever need to, you can replace the o-rings and nipples to keep the device working long-term.

Animal safety is an important design of the unit as you can see from the smooth rounded edges of the entire waterer. The nipple itself is designed to be smooth, yet if you have a large pig run into it, just as with anything, it can leave a mark. That is why height placement is important...and an easy preventative measure.

When installing the 2.5 gallon pen waterer, simply install slightly above your pig's head. This will prevent any bumping or rubbing and encourages the pig to drink and not play. That's it! No need to worry about bumping or rubbing with proper placement.

The Trojan 2.5 gallon pen waterer is available in our store and ready to ship to you. Find them by visiting our online store.

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