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What is the difference?

I have been to a lot of trade shows and events in my 13+ years of working in the ag industry. Everything from vendor shows to the NFR, yet this was my first year to attend the World Pork Expo at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Out of all of the shows I have attended, the WPX quickly became my favorite.

Our friends at Trojan Specialty Products were kind enough to let us slightly take over their booth Thursday of the show. We met so many great people and answered a lot of great questions. One of the most common questions asked was "What is the difference between the standard nipple and the oval duct nipples?"

This is a great question and the simple and primary answer is less water waste. Swine will play with their water and the oval duct nipple, shown on the left, helps to prevent the playing while directing all of the water into the mouth of the pig.

Another difference is that oval duct nipples are a genuine, made in the USA product and are molded stainless steel which sets them apart in quality and design.

All of the oval duct nipples can be found by visiting our online store. Easy to install connector kits are available as well!

We hope to attend the World Pork Expo next year and to seeing you!

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