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Ritchie Automatic Waterers VS. Concrete Waterers

One of our largest competitors of Ritchie automatic waterers in large facilities, feedlots and dairies are the concrete waterers. In order to help explain the value of Ritchie waterers and how they compare to concrete we have provided the following information.

Ritchie waterers

Ritchie Waterers

  • Designed with energy-efficiency in mind. The durable casing features insulation that is fully sealed for long life. Combined with our thermostatically controlled heat, Ritchie waterers create an energy-efficient environment often recognized by electric companies and local government extension offices.

  • Corrosion free, fast-refill valves and floats.

  • The casing is built for tough environments and will not pit or crack under long-term usage or from animal abuse.

  • Ease of installation is key to Ritchie waterers. Our largest waterers are considered lightweight yet durable in terms of their size.

  • Several options for winter protection ranging from Constant-flow, supplemental heat, or overall, built-in heat coverage.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

  • Large access panel for ease of maintenance and access to the waterline and electric service.

  • UL/CUL approved.

  • Best-in-the-industry 10-year warranty, 1-year on parts. Waterers are often used well beyond warranty.

Concrete Waterer

• Expensive to heat - Even the smallest models can require a 1,000 Watt heater.

• Floats and valves are subject to corrosion • Concrete is not a flexible material which means that over time they can weaken. This can cause the casing to pit or crack making cleaning difficult while decreasing the life of the waterer.

• Concrete waterers are extremely heavy making them very expensive to install and remove.

• Warranty often not published

For more information about Ritchie automatic waterers, visit

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