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Immersion Heater Spring Maintenance

If you water your animals using a stock tank or plastic automatic waterer, chances are you are using an immersion heater similar to the photo to the left.

Eventually, warm weather will get here and your watering devices will no longer need the immersion heaters to stay open. Leaving the heaters in the stock tank or automatic waterer would be the easiest thing to do, however the best practice would be to remove the heaters as soon as the threat of freezing is gone.

Overtime, deposits from the water can accumulate on the heater which in turn, will decrease the life of the heater. Simply removing the heater, wiping it clean and hanging it or storing it in a dry place until the fall, will elongate the life of the heater.

The immersion heaters that we sell in our online store feature a 1-year warranty and have been successfully used in plastic Ritchie automatic waterers and stock tanks all winter long.

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