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Customer Question - Battery life on a Cyclops Fence Charger

fence charger dc powered

We were recently asked about the Made in the USA, Cyclops Fence Chargers that are available in our store.

"How long does the battery last with the Fence Charger?"

This is an important factor. You have a lot to worry about and the last thing you want to deal with is constantly changing the battery of your charger. The charger in question was the Brute DC Fence Charger that covers up to 100 acres. The DC Chargers run off of a 12 Volt battery and depending on conditions, such as animals constantly bumping the fence, the battery can last between a week to three weeks.

Some other features of this and other Cyclops Chargers that they have more lightning protection than any other chargers made. Built-in Fence Load Detector. Built-in lightning resistant with built-in Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor.

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