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Welcome to PeteCo Supply

Starting a business isn't easy or everyone would do it. That is what I have been told more times than what I can count since I started this adventure. The thing is, once you have a passion for what you're doing, the struggles along the way seem to vanish faster than they can appear.

My goals were clear when I decided to open my business.

1. Offer fantastic customer service - I have worked in retail or customer service since I was old enough to work...believe me, that is a long time. I came from a time where you did your best to greet customers by name, be as helpful as possible and let them know how much you appreciate their time visiting your store. Over the last decade, I have noticed a shift in how customers have been treated on a large scale and certainly not for the better. I wanted to bring all of the great things I learned at the beginning of retail experience and implement them the best I could in an ecommerce setting.

2. Offer fantastic products - This was easy. I knew what products to start with - Ritchie automatic waterers. They would be my door opener and I had a history with the products that began when my parents worked there when I was an infant. I knew the product and Ritchie would be my foundation to help me build my business. Within a weeks time, I had my first distributor, Boettcher Supply out of Beloit, KS. To say I was thankful for them opening the door for me would be an understatement. Shortly after, I teamed up with V&M Co, Inc out of Sioux Falls, and then added Trojan Specialty Products. What an honor it is for me to work with these fine companies and even better crew of owners and employees, many of whom I call my friend and I have faith that they too have high standards in customer service and product offerings. What an awesome team to be part of.

3. I want to expand - I quickly set three goals for the growth of my business. The first year goal - to hire someone. I am realizing that someone is going to be an accountant to help me navigate through the various state use tax. Let me refer back to the first sentence at this point. Second year - add a second website with a focus on home decor and supplies. Five years - add property management to the business to include a brick and mortar store. I'm determined to accomplish all three without sacrificing customer service or product quality.

It's just me, Ruth Peterson, who is welcoming you to my business, my dream. I sincerely appreciate that you are here and I truly hope that I have the opportunity to serve you. Welcome to PeteCo Supply.

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