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Miraco Energy Free Waterers - Winter Preparation

Winters can be brutal, especially for equipment that is relied upon to keep animals healthy and happy even during harshest days. That's why it's best to do maintenance checks during the warmer months on your Miraco waterers to ensure they function year-round.

The following steps will help to prepare your waterers for winter. Taking a few moments now may save you time down the road.

MiraFount units 3465, 3390, 3354 and 3370

The MiraFount Family (and their heated versions, the E-Fount series) is one of the most popular line of Miraco automatic watering products. They are fully insulated and designed to handle herds large and small.

The warmer months are a perfect time to take steps to prepare the waterers for winter.

Follow the tips below to prepare the waterer for winter:

1. CHECK THE GASKET. Your ultimate goal is to prevent air from entering the valve chamber area. The gasket will help to create a seal against the wind and cold. However, over time, this gasket can become worn or damaged and will need to be replaced.

Replace the gasket if you notice any of the following signs:

  • The gasket has a narrow indentation along the top

  • The gasket shows sign of disintegration

  • The gasket is torn, damaged, or missing in any place.

Find the gasket in two places:

  • Directly under the dome, part number 804

  • Directly under the entire top assembly. This top assembly will take a 1/2" fitting to remove.

We recommend that the 25' gasket roll, part number 218 is purchased to ensure you have enough length to make repairs.


TIP for model 3465: Place vaseline or oil around the base of the unit where the dome cover connects. This step will help create a seal and also assist with the removal of the dome should you need to during the winter.


TIP: Ensure that the gasket area is completely clean and dry before installing the new gasket. Warm the area with a hairdryer or low wattage heat gun (do not hold the heating device in one area for an extended period-of-time to prevent melting). The warmth will allow the gasket to seal quickly and firmly to the waterer casing.


2. Check the float and valve to ensure each is working correctly and that the float is not waterlogged or heavy. Replace if needed. The valve is part number 521 and float assemblies can be found here.

3. Evaluate the drinker balls, part number 571. Should you notice that one of the drinker balls is lower than the other and heavy, replace the heavy drinker ball. Set the drinker ball level to be at least 1/2" below the rim to prevent pooling water.

4. Check the drain plugs! Over time, between usage and temperature fluctuations, the drain plug can become worn and not seal as needed. Replace with part number 322 or 442.

All Miraco waterer parts are available by visiting PeteCo Supply and as always, we're here to help answer questions or concerns. Email or call us direct at 800-373-5834.

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