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Introducing...Tool Man Feeders!

If you have ever attended swine event in the midwest, chances are you've come across Tool Man Feeders. If you've been really lucky, you had the opportunity to meet their creator, Todd.

Toolman Todd creates each feeder at his home and with his eye for detail and pursuit of quality, Tool man feeders have developed a reputation for their long lasting and effective structure.

We are proud to carry Tool Man Feeders in our store. Toolman Feeders are created with top quality materials, feature smooth rounded edges for safety, are watertight, made in the USA and inspected for quality by Toolman Todd himself. The medium feeders are 18-20 inches in length and 4 inches deep, 8" across. The feeders come with two hooks on the top to hang on wire panel, and one hook on the bottom that attaches to panel to prevent tipping.

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