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New High Pressure Valve Assembly from Ritchie

If you have high water pressure, exceeding 80 PSI, and a Ritchie automatic waterer, chances are you've experienced a leaking valve. High pressure is becoming more of an issue, especially in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky as water supply systems are being reconfigured. While issues created by high water pressure can be remedied by installing a pressure regulator on the water line at the unit, Ritchie has designed a new valve and float system to handle a broader range of pressures, up to 110 PSI.

Ritchie high pressure valve #18832

The new valve and float system is interchangeable with larger Ritchie units that currently use the 3/4" valve series. The new system is universally designed to withstand the broad range of water pressures that the three traditional 3/4" valves currently accommodate. The new, flat float creates more buoyancy force to shut the valve off once the desired water level is reached and the reinforced and solidly structured valve arm prevents torquing and twisting.

Other features include:

1. Large side discharge ports that allow water to flow out of the valve with less disruption giving a higher flow rate than current valves at every pressure.

2. A petcock valve can be added. Simply drill out the bottom of the emboss and screw in the petcock valve.

For more information, or to purchase your 3/4" high pressure valve assembly, part number 18832, visit our online store.

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