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Classic Equine by Ritchie AUTOFount 1 #18770

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AUTOMATIC - Automatic access for up to 20 head. The Classic Equine by Ritchie AUTOFOUNT has a quick refill function, which means less waiting for water, and better hydration for all your animals. AUTOFOUNT saves water by reducing waste. Drink height 24".

AutoFount Instruction Manual AutoFount 1 Footprint AutoFount 1 Parts Breakdown
  • Supplies fresh, clean and temperate water
  • Easy to drain & clean
  • Waters up to 20 head
  • Accommodates immersion heater and self-regulating heat cable for cold climates, sold separately
  • Quick refill function - no waiting for water
  • Hinged cover for easy access
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Water Meter sold separately measures your horse’s daily intake
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