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Lifeline Rescue High-Level Colostrum Replacer 150G 1.2LB

150g globulin protein - the ORIGINAL high-level colostrum replacer - Dairy & Beef Calves
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Product Details
Brand: APC Inc
Part Number: 21249164


LIFELINE Rescue is formulated to replace colostrum for newborn calves when maternal colostrum is unavailable, and to guarantee the best nutrition for high-value calves facing environmental challenges. The serum-based formulation delivers 150 grams of globulin protein plus a researched blend of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for superior nutrition in just one feeding.

How to Use

  1. Mix 1 package (1.2 lb) of Rescue into 1.5 quarts of warm (105°F/40°C) water.
  2. Stir well with a whisk to ensure complete dispersal.
  3. Feed to the calf in one feeding via nipple feeder or esophageal feeder as soon as possible following birth.


Completely replaces maternal colostrum in a single feeding You can’t measure peace of mind but you can measure results. LIFELINE Rescue high-level colostrum replacer is proven effective, both in the lab and on the farm. Calf raisers who use Rescue tell us they buy it again and again because they quickly see a difference in their animals. A single feeding of Rescue provides 150 grams of globulin protein, plus essential vitamins, minerals and energy calves need at birth.

  • Lifeline Nourish Colostrum Supplement mixes fast, performs great
  • Easy Mixing: Serum-based formula mixes smooth in under a minute
  • Consistent performance: Quickly see lively, vibrant calves
  • Peace of mind: The colostrum supplement will give certainty that your calves receive the nutrition they need now for better results later.
  • Ready at a moments notice
  • Measurable value - you will see a rapid response in your calves and your animals will thrive.


What is LIFELINE Rescue?

Rescue is a high-level colostrum replacer produced from highquality, nutrient-rich plasma. Rescue provides 150 grams of globulin protein in a single feeding, plus fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Rescue is the ideal choice for high-value calves, including those from registered herds, embryo transfer calves and show animals.

What exactly is a colostrum replacer?

A colostrum replacer is a powdered product that completely replaces maternal colostrum in a single feeding and offers a complete nutritional profile including a minimum of 100 grams of globulin protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A colostrum replacer is mixed with water and fed to a calf in place of maternal colostrum in the first hours of life.

How is Rescue different from other colostrum replacers?

Most colostrum replacers are made from dried bovine colostrum powder. Rescue is made from nutrient-rich plasma, the most highly researched source of globulin protein in a colostrum replacer. A single, 2-quart feeding of Rescue provides 150 grams of globulin protein, plus nutrients and energy calves need at birth.

Does Rescue have only globulin protein to offer the calf?

In addition to globulin protein, Rescue contains additional functional proteins from plasma, plus a researched blend of carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals that help meet the nutritional needs of newborn calves.

When should Rescue be fed?

Rescue is the first feeding and has its greatest impact when fed within 4 hours of birth. Occasionally a second feeding of Rescue is needed, and can be given 8 to 12 hours after the first feeding. Ideally, all feedings of Rescue should be completed within 24 hours of birth.

Can I feed Rescue if the calf is over 24 hours old?

There is no harm in feeding Rescue after 24 hours of age, but the greatest benefits of Rescue are seen when it is fed in the first few hours following birth.

Can Rescue be fed to calves along with maternal colostrum?

Rescue is designed to replace maternal colostrum. LIFELINE Protect is a colostrum supplement that can be fed in addition to maternal colostrum.

Why use a colostrum replacer instead of a colostrum supplement?

A colostrum replacer gives calves the complete nutrition they need when high-quality maternal colostrum is not available. A colostrum replacer delivers a higher concentration of globulin protein than a colostrum supplement, as well as fat, vitamins and minerals that meet the nutrient requirements of newborn calves. A colostrum replacer is a clean, consistent and reliable product to use in place of maternal colostrum.

Should Rescue be added to colostrum, milk or milk replacer?

Rescue should be mixed into warm water only and fed to the calf as its very first meal.

How well does Rescue mix in water?

Rescue is one of the best mixing colostrum replacers on the market. It should be added to warm (105°F) water with continuous agitation by wire whisk or mechanical mixer. Feed Rescue to calves once it has reached a smooth consistency and all lumps are gone. Do not mix Rescue in water hotter than 140°F, as high temperatures may damage the functional proteins.

What is the shelf life of Rescue?

Rescue has a 24-month shelf life when stored unopened in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 50°–86°F. Once the powder is exposed to air, it has a very short shelf life and should be used within a few days. Once Rescue is mixed with water, it should be immediately used and never stored.

Why should I buy Rescue over other colostrum replacer products?

Rescue was among the first colostrum replacers on the market in the U.S. and has been proven effective through extensive testing by APC, independent universities and large calf operations across the country. No other colostrum replacer on the market has been more highly researched and tested. Rescue is viewed as a trustworthy product by discriminating calf raisers who tell us they quickly see lively, vibrant calves.


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