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Nursemate 50 Colostrum Supplement 300GM

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Product Details
Brand: Sterling Technology
Part Number: 21276353

SINGLE DOSE - Nursemate® 50 is a high performance colostrum supplement with Immu-PRIME that begins protecting newborn calves naturally. This potent blend of proteins, fats and vitamins has strong immunomodulatory effects and is high in antioxidant activity. Not only does Nursemate® stimulate organ growth and development, but it gets the calf up and nursing. The immune proteins and other natural defenses found in Nursemate® begin protecting the newborn while it is on the ground. 50 grams of absorbable immunoglobulins allow calves to begin absorbing these protective antibodies before nursing or being fed colostrum.

Directions: Mix the entire package with 1-2 quarts of warm water or colostrum. Administer the entire mixture as soon after birth as possible via nipple pail, bottle, or esophageal feeder.

NOTE: This is a non-refundable item and cannot be returned.

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