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High Country Plastics Halter House

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Product Details
Brand: High Country Plastics
Part Number: HH
Length:: 10"L
Width:: 15"W
Overall Height:: 24 1/2" High

The High Country Plastics Halter House is a versatile storage solution designed to keep halters, tack, and other equipment dry and protected from various weather conditions. It's particularly useful for storing items like fence chargers, miscellaneous tack, and various supplies. The design of the Halter House includes several features to facilitate easy access and organization:


  1. Hinged Door: The Halter House comes equipped with a hinged door that swings open. To open the door, you can pull on the leather handle attached to it. This mechanism ensures that you can access your stored items quickly and easily.
  2. Interior Hooks: Inside the Halter House, there are three sets of double hooks. These hooks provide a convenient way to hang items such as halters, leads, bridles, or other smaller tack pieces. Hanging these items helps prevent them from getting tangled or damaged while also maximizing the available storage space.
  3. Bottom Shelf: The bottom portion of the Halter House functions as a shelf. This area can be used to store larger items or supplies that don't necessarily need to be hung. It's a practical feature for keeping items organized and easily accessible.
  4. Mounting Options: The Halter House is designed to be hung in a few different ways. It can be mounted on a rail fence using the included mounting brackets. Alternatively, it can be hung on a pipe panel fence (although the mounting equipment for this option is not included - part MB-20). If you prefer to place it on a flat wall surface, you can use lag screws and washers for secure attachment (these are also not included).

The durable, UV protected, poly construction ensures the Halter House will stay looking great for years to come.

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