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Roy-L-Heat Heated Calf Warmer

11-1-23 - Preorder. Orders shipped starting week of November 20th.
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Product Details
Brand: Smuckers Manufacturing, Inc.
Part Number: RH5000
Length:: 43 inches
Width:: 28 inches
Overall Height:: 39 inches
Heat:: 120 Volt - use 20 amps 0- 1500 Watts

Prevent Hypothermia! The Roy-L-Heat calf warming and drying box utilize a 110-volt heater equipped with a circulating fan and automatic shut-off thermostat as the heat source. Keep the calf warm and dry in cold weather conditions.

The circulating warm, dry air moves under the calf (the calf sits on a mesh screen elevated 4 inches off the floor) up the sides of the calf and is recirculated through the heater. The accumulated moisture escapes through the attic vent. The heater is protected in a separate enclosure attached to the rear of the box and removes easily to make rinsing and disinfecting simple.

The box is made of high-density polyethylene. Its interior size provides adequate space for calves to lay down or stand up. Opposite the heater is a rubber "head boot" which permits the calf to breathe outside air when desired, yet holds the warm air in at all times.

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Calf Warmer Instruction Manual


  • Designed to help prevent the loss of newborn calves' lives.
  • Prevent loss of body heat in the bitter cold
  • Designed to hold the warm air inside at all times.
  • Easy to disinfect and rinse
  • Replacement parts available
  • Manufactured from high-density poly for durability
  • Easily plug into a standard outlet or use a 1500W + Generator
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