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Build Your Own - Kits

Smucker Manufacturing offers kits to build your own sprayer.


Adaptable To Your Machine

Building your own kits gives you flexibility and adaptability to your specific farming application. Since the unit comes with only the plumbing, PVC framework and sponges, the user can use an existing boom or create an alternative mounting option that fits your application. For example, many farmers have used a high clearance detasseler as the framework for their kit.

Built Around Your Application

Most of our products are designed around a specific industry need. Smuckers recognizes that there are hundreds of weed wiper applications that our products are not geared towards. If you want to design a weed wiper for a unique application, you will want to order one of our kits. We have had thousands of customers order out kits and build their own weed wipers.

Save Money

Smucker build your own kits are designed to give you exactly what you need to design your own weed wiper. With that being said, you will have to figure out how to mount the weed wiper kit to your boom. You will need a chemical tank and appropriate GPM pump (specs listed for each size when you clip on the product) to power your weed wiper. We know your time is valuable, so we have priced our kits to factor in the labor cost you will have for building your unit!

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