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Pride of the Farm MC Valve Plunger with Valve Seat

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Product Details
Brand: Pride of the Farm
Part Number: VM108

This plunger and valve seat replace the movable portion of your Pride of the Farm MC Valve. Each seal can be used on either side for longer life and is manufactured from rubber. The plunger is secure in the valve and moves with the water flow.

The plunger has a patent pending crown design with allows the plunger to rotate as the water flows through it. This feature allows sand and rust to flush out.

TIP: If the Rubber Seal is grooved but still pliable (not hard and brittle), you may flip it over and use the backside of the seal. If both sides of the Seal are hard, replacement Seals are available. In some instances both the Plunger and the Seal may need to be replaced.

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