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Miraco Heater kit Part number 161, 290 Watts, 220V

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UPC: 652691002506
Brand: Miraco
Part Number: 160
Order From: Miraco
Heat:: 290 watts, 220 Volts

Miraco heat kit #161 includes the 543 Immersion Water Warmer in 250 watts/220 volts and the 919-5 plug in cable heater that will protect your waterline. Give added protection to your Miraco automatic waterers with this pair of heaters that will protect the trough and the waterline and valve. Thermostatically controlled for energy efficiency and designed for easy installation. Installation is easy as both heater plug in to an outlet installed under the unit.

For added circulation and heat efficiency, the immersion heater features protected feet to ensure maximum heat and safety to your waterer.

TIP: Remove the water warmer during the warmer months to elongate the life. The unit is teflon coated yet deposits in the water can accumulate on the surface, reducing it's life. Once removed, wipe clean and store in a dry spot for the following cooler months.

Used in the 2800, 2900, 3000, 3100 and 3200 Miraco waterers.

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