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Trojan® 66B LP Gas Stock Tank Heater new Square Casing with Kit #16000

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Product Details
Brand: Trojan Waterers
Part Number: 16000
Length:: 9 INCHES
Width:: 9 INCHES
Overall Height:: 35"
Shipping Weight:: 49 LBS
Diameter: 8.5" Diameter
California Prop 65 Warning Cancer and reproductive toxicity​​

Trojan’s New, Square 66B L.P. Gas Stock Tank Heater is designed to provide a thermostatically controlled heating solution using LP Gas or Natural Gas, when electricity is not available where your stock tanks are located, giving you the ability to keep water thawed and drinkable, even in harsh winter weather conditions.


- Larger double brackets for secure placement on larger stock tank walls to keep the casing from floating. MAXIMUM WIDTH 6 3/8".

- Angled boot for condensation evaporation

- Independent fasteners on brackets for varying stock tank wall thicknesses

- NEW Square casing designed, built, and powder-coated in the USA

This unit includes the Trojan® Propane Hook-Up Kit SKU 50000

NOTE: Must be Installed with a Low-Pressure, nonadjustable regulator.


  • NEW Square casing made in the USA
  • High-quality casing made from heavy-duty, US steel, that is powder-coated or extra protection
  • Heater must be submerged in at least 24 inches of water during operation
  • Ideal for 100 gallon stock tanks and larger
  • Must be used with included LP gas pressure regulator for warranty coverage
  • Burner assembly is easily removed for servicing and is designed to stay lit
  • AGA Listed automatic control for safe operation
  • Produces up to 12,400 BTU every hour if needed
  • Propane hook-up kit included

TIP - ENSURE THAT THE 66B IS LEANING SLIGHTLY FORWARD. This will allow condensation to run off of the top.


66B Instruction Manual

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