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Ritchie Pork King 1 complete Heat Package

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Product Details
Brand: Ritchie Industries
Part Number: 11885-14150-13830
Order From: Ritchie Dealer
Heat:: 173W (1.4A@120V)
Voltage:: 120V

The Pork King series features overall heat coverage and an adjustable disc thermostat. Keep your waterer functioning all winter long by ensuring the heaters are functioning.

This heat package includes the complete heat system for your Ritchie PK 1 (part number 16456), heated automatic livestock waterer.

This package includes:

1 - Heater 120V, 125W 14150

1 - Cable Heater 13830

1 - Ritchie Disc Thermostat 11885

The1 - 14150 heaters mount to the underside of the stainless steel trough and the cable heater, 13830 will protect the valve and the water supply line. All heaters are wired through the Disc Thermostat (temperature range 55-65, not preset at the factory) to regulate the temperature and turn the heaters on and off as needed.

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