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MiraFount 3465 Unheated Waterer

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Product Details
Brand: Miraco
Part Number: 3465
Length:: 36 inches
Width:: 24 inches
Overall Height:: 25.5 inches
Drinking Height:: 18 inches
Shipping Weight:: 79 lbs
Heat:: For Heated option, see the E-Fount 3465E
Capacity:: 20 Gallons
Herd Capacity:: 40 head dairy, 100 head beef
Trough Opening Size / Ball Size: 2- 9.5" Openings / 10" ball closures
Warranty:: 5-year manufacturer's warranty
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The MiraFount E-Fount 3465 is a two-trough capable of watering up to 100 head of beef. The design allows for fence line applications, allowing you to water two areas at once. Fully insulated to provide extra protection during energy-free usage in the winter.

Features include:

  • Two insulated, roll-away ball closures
  • Removable dome valve chamber cover for quick and easy access to valve area and for cleaning
  • Easy to clean interior featuring a sloped bottom
  • Added insulation above the valve area for added protection against freezing
  • Fully Insulated with an r-factor of 7 per inch, 2"-3" thick.
  • Polyethylene construction prevents corrosion and additional wear and tear
  • Stainless Steel anchor bolts included

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