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Ritchie CD-50 Parts

There is a common misconception regarding the Ritchie CD-50 line of waterers. They're actually not a model number at all, but the paint process the factory used when they produced metal units.

If you have a Ritchie metal unit that still says CD-50 on the label, chances are that you have one of three units...all of which most parts are still available.

Download the parts breakdown below and visit our online store to order your replacement



Ritchie AC Series

There are three units in the AC Series, however they all carry the same replacement valve, float and heating elements.

This unit sits about 2 feet tall with a narrow trough, roughly 11 inches wide.


Ritchie Cattle Fountain 3

Sitting about 3 feet tall, the Cattle Fountain 3 sits about 3 feet tall and features the 3/4" float and valve series. Replacement parts are still available.


Ritchie Cattle Fountain 5

Slightly larger than it's sister unit, the 3, the Cattle Fountain 5 is wider yet shares the same replacement parts.

Ritchie understands that their products have a long life and keep their parts consistent with older models. If you have questions about the replacement parts that you might be needing, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help get your waterer running.

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