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Leaking Trojan Nipple - Troubleshooting

Trojan watering nipples are a top-of-the-line option to keep a constant supply of water to your hogs. With everything, they may require maintenance overtime and you may experience a leaking valve.

Leaking valves can be caused by a number of reasons, all of which are relatively simple fixes. Follow our guide to troubleshoot your leaking problem or replace if needed.

1. LODGED DEBRIS - Because of the environment the nipples are located, debris can become lodged in the nipple, holding the trigger to one side. This will require the nipple to be cleaned.

HOW-TO: Start by removing the orifice from the back of the nipple. Turn it counter-clockwise to remove. (A quarter coin works well for this). Once removed, the trigger and spring will fall out. DO NOT remove the inside parts of the nipple. Clean the orifice, trigger and spring then reassemble.

2. NIPPLE FROZE - Freezing can warp or change the shape of the nipple preventing it from sealing. At this time, replace the nipple.

3. IMPROPER INSTALLATION - If the nipple has become egg-shaped from installation using a pipe wrench, replace the nipple.

4. HIGH WATER PRESSURE - Trojan pressure water nipples have an ideal PSI of 30-40. While the nipples can function with lower pressure, if your water pressure exceeds 40 PSI, install a pressure regulator in the line or adjust the water water pressure supplying the nipple(s).

PeteCo Supply is a proud distributor of Trojan Watering products and are happy to help you find the supplies you need. To find your Trojan nipples and more, visit our Online Store.

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