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New Product Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of the Trojan Pen Waterer for sheep, lambs, goats, calves, exotics and zoos. This waterer has the same features as the Trojan 2.5 waterer for swine however this unit features a rubber nipple.

If you have worked with the 2.5 Gallon pen waterer in the past, you know that it's incredibly easy to install. Simply use zip ties to secure it to a pen. This makes this unit perfect for shows or if you are transporting your animals. The valve will not leak when jarred and the water is use activated.

PeteCo Supply is the first to carry this waterer in our store and we are happy to help you secure your supply today. The waterer can be found here https://www.petecosupply.com/online-store/Trojan%C2%AE-Pen-Waterer-2-5-Gal-p94378704.

We are happy to work with you on shipping should you be interested in multiples. Please feel free to email us at petecosupply@gmail.com.

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