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Woodford Model Y34-4 4' bury yard hydrant

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One of our most iconic models, the sturdy Woodford Y-34 is both time-tested and extremely reliable. In fact our customers report years of trouble-free service from the popular yard hydrant as the unit is designed to reduce wear on internal parts, and when needed, repairs are conveniently done at the head of the hydrant. In addition the Woodford Y-34 supplies an immediate flow of water even in extreme sub-zero temperatures. As Woodford’s official online retailer, we also carry repair parts and upgrade kits for all of our products.

IOWA® hydrants are used for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care, watering livestock - immediate water flow even in sub-zero conditions. The Woodford Y34 has a 1 inch (1-5/16 in. O.D.) Galvanized Steel Pipe Casing.

  • 3/4 inch N.P.T.
  • Time-tested and reliable! ‑ IOWA® hydrant since 1929!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Immediate-flowing even in sub-zero conditions.
  • Adjustable linkage provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension
  • Rod guide eliminates side pull on the rod, reduces wear on packing, packing nut and brass stem internal parts.
  • Flow finder and lock automatically sets the same flow each time or can be locked against accidental opening.
  • One-piece variable-flow plunger and the large cushion type seal for long life, assuring shut-off, even if foreign particles are present in water line.
  • Long-life graphite packing.
  • Durable hot-dipped galvanized pipe casing and operating pipe stem.
  • Repairs can be made from the head of the hydrant. No need to tear out the hydrant from the ground.
  • Automatically drains when shut-off.

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