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Trojan® Model 75 Hex Head Gravity Nipple #10010G - Bulk pricing available

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Product Details
Brand: Trojan Specialty Products
Part Number: 10010G


This Hex Head 75 Nipple is specifically for gravity flow watering systems, featuring an open, stainless steel orifice for increased water flow at lower water pressures associated with gravity flow applications.

  • Water flow is directed down, no spraying in animals face.
  • When the water is activated the water flows naturally into the animals mouth, thus, saving water.
  • Anatomically designed, natural for the animal to drink efficiently.
  • Outer edges rounded in to direct water flow into animals mouth.
  • Not the traditional open exposed trigger. Water flow is forced down into the water channel.
  • Nothing inside the body of the nipple to catch feed or particles to potentiality make the nipple stay open.
  • Self cleaning as the water flow is activated.
  • 3/4” deep socket will fit over the body for easy installation & removal.
  • Standard 1/2” threads
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