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Trojan® Gravity Flow Spiglet 09 Oval Duct Nipple Connector Kit #13309A

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Product Details
Brand: Trojan Specialty Products
Part Number: 13309
California Prop 65 Warning cancer and reproductive warning


Excellent, Efficient and quick way to connect a watering nipple to any Barrel, Pipe or Stocktank

The Nipple Connector Has Hexagonal / Splined Body Design For Fast, Easy Installation and Removal

Sealing Ring and Groove

• Sealing ring resists buckling or slipping during installation

• Sealing ring is designed to provide a complete 360° seal, even when it is not perpendicular with your barrel

Locknut Design

• Locknut enables easy application of torque with wrench

• Sharper and deeper teeth to penetrate bite improve bonding

• Precision machined tapered threads designed to create water tight union

  • Efficient way to provide water quickly in your pens
  • Sealing Ring and Groove
  • Locknut Design
  • Sharper and deeper teeth
  • Hexagonal / Splined Body Design
  • Precision Machine Tapered Threads


Equipment needed:

  • Container being used to hold water
  • 7/8" drill bit to drill hole
  • Thread sealing tape or pipe dope


  1. Drill 7/8" hole in desired placement of the container
  2. Separate and install the Connector into the hole
  3. Apply thread sealing tape or pipe dope to nipple threads for water tight seal
  4. Install the nipple into the connector kit.


DO NOT allow nipple to freeze

DO NOT tighten with pipe wrench

WARNING: CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING. Cancer and Reproductive

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