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Trojan® 85 Oval Duct Water Saver Pressure Nipple #10085 - Discount Pricing Available

10085 - Pressure
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Trojan Specialty Products
Part Number: 10085 pressure
Shipping Weight:: .25
Order From: Trojan Specialty Products
California Prop 65 Warning Cancer and reproductive toxicity​​

NEW, INNOVATIVE DESIGN!! Trojan Specialty Products has developed a new "Oval Duct" Drinking nipple for swine, sheep, goats, & calves.

Our new "Oval Duct" patent pending design will provide the proper quantity of water on demand with the least possible water wastage.

  • Superb water savings
  • Minimal water spillage
  • Cast Stainless Steel construction
  • Anatomically designed natural for the animal to drink efficiently.
  • Multiple wrench flats on body for easy installation and removal
  • Easy for the animals to use & learn while having little or no water spillage.
  • The nipple utilizes our proven trigger and screen filter which keeps foreign matter out of the valve.
  • Adjustable to three water flow rates
  • Body has round, angled design and a closed, oval end. It is natural for the animal to drink efficiently.
  • The trigger is placed far enough from the outlet of the nipple, which means that the animal has to take the nipple into its mouth to activate the water flow.
  • When the animal activates the trigger, the water flows naturally into animals mouth eliminating side spray, thus, saving water.
  • Self cleaning as the water flow is activated.
  • Nothing inside the body of the nipple to catch feed or particles to potentiality make the nipple drip water.
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