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Peach Teats

The peach teat allows no more fluid to pass through it than a cow's udder naturally would, allowing the calf to suckle more intensely than conventional technology. This stimulates the flow of saliva and improves the PH-level in the stomach and leads to better digestion.

The Peach Teat's unique patented internal collapsing flap-valve holds the milk in the teat making it more responsive to the calf's needs. It is designed to function like a realy cows teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling, never closing in it's relaxed state. This means that the teat is self-cleaning and resists blocking.

Peach teats will pull through, or screw-on, all standard calf feeders. Peach teats can be used for tube or gravity feeding using any container with a hole size of 22mm (7/8").

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