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3/4" Hydrant Assist Kit

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A Hydrant Assist Kit is an encasement package that attaches a yard hydrant to a waterline. Once installed it eliminates the need for costly and dangerous excavating by allowing servicing of the hydrant from the surface, rather than digging down to the water line. A hydrant can be easily replaced without disturbing adjacent utilities.

  • Made in the USA
  • HAK 750 fits any standard hydrant with a 3/4″ female pipe thread and a 1″ stand pipe.
  • A 750 will fit these models:
    • Woodford: Y34, W34, X34, R34
    • Merril: Anyflow 3/4″ or Anyflow Brass 3/4″, C-1000 and C1000 Brass, M-2000, E-5000, CNL-1000, Y1 & Y2
    • Campbell
    • Simmons
    • This size will most likely fit any hydrant bought at a hardware store, as well as hydrants that are manufactured in other countries.
  • Because there is a 1″ inlet hole on every model, it can supply 30 gpm even with a 3/4″ outlet hole. The brass coupler comes with a 1″ female thread and finishes with a 3/4″ male thread for the hydrant or waterline.
  • The HAK 750 is heat tape compatible with both Frost Tek and Easy Heat systems.
  • The HAK 750 shares all the features of the other Hydrant Assist Kits.
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