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10 ft. ATV/Front Bucket Mount - Weed Wiper

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UPC: 746790111495
Brand: Smucker Manufacturing
Part Number: WWTCatv10
Order From: Smucker Manufacturing

This is our 10 ft. pump fed ATV/Front Bucket weed wiper mount easily connects to your ATV/Front Bucket with ease using the easy to use mount. With each of our ATV/Front Bucket mount weed wiper kits, keep in mind, that the sprayer is not included. We recommend using a minimum 1.8 GPM per minute pump.

Weed wiping is a great drift free solution that directly attacks taller growing weeds without damaging your crop.


  • Clearance range of 2" to ATV Height
  • Ideal for pastures, hay fields, and CRP
  • Great for weed patches
  • No drift
  • easy to mount to your ATV or UTV
  • ATV Metal Boom and Top Crop Sponge Kit included.

The Super Sponge® has proven to be a quick and efficient way to wipe out weeds in your crops in many independent studies and we are confident you will be pleased with the results. The Super Sponge is a lightweight, durable, herbicide applicator. Our sponges are designed to apply the maximum amount of product to the target weeds without any drift. The sponge applicators are made of industrial-strength, crusted sponge that stay saturated with chemical to wipe directly onto weeds.

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